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Year 5/6 - Miss Worth


Croeso i Blwydden 5/6W



Miss Worth 

Hello! I am Miss Worth. I have been teaching for 16 years altogether and this will be my 10th year teaching at Crindau Primary School. I am the Welsh Subject Leader and work as part of the LLC team. I absolutely love my job and I am so pleased to be teaching your children this year. Some members of the class I will have taught in Nursery, Year 3 and now year 5/6! It has been a great journey to see them grow and learn as they have moved through the school. 





Spring Term Topic:

Curious about Cultures!

Through pupil voice activities and group presentations the class have decided that we will begin the Spring Term learning about 'Australia' 

We will be looking at the history of Australia, it's important landmarks, art and culture.




Home work tasks and home learning (spelling lists, reading books etc) are posted weekly on Google Classroom as well as resources that we might be using in school this week. 


If your child is learning from home they will need to practise their weekly spellings, times tables, Welsh placemat, handwriting and read either a book from home or on Google Classroom. 






Pupils use a lot of different spelling strategies in all of their work and we strive hard to help them develop good spelling skills. As a school we are following the No Nonsense Spelling scheme. The statutory words and some ideas for spelling strategies are posted below. 


Weekly spelling lists will be posted on Google Classroom. 


To go straight to Google Classroom Click HERE. Use your hwb login in to access.

Times Tables 


By the end of year 6 pupils should know their 2 - 10 times tables. 

We have an award system in school where pupils can achieve a bronze, silver and then gold for each table. When they have achieved gold for ecvery table they are awarded with a certificate. 



To achieve a bronze sticker pupils will need to say the times table in order.

E.g. 1 x 2 = 2, 2 x 2 = 4, 3 x 2 = 6 etc. 



To achieve a silver sticker pupils will need to answer their times tables out of order.

E.g. 5 x 2 = 10, 9 x 2 = 18 etc.  



To achieve gold in any tables pupils will be given the answers and they need to say the questions. 

E.g. the answer is 20, what's the question? (10 x 2 =) 


Practise your tables on HWB by playing J2Blast 

 Click here to go straight to J2Blast


Your child can earn DoJo points for positive behaviour, in class and around the school. 

The children have chosen their own class rules and can earn DoJo points for 

showing good behaviour, staying on task, speaking Welsh and many other good things.

Check out our class charter below to see the rules that Class 5/6 have made this year.