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Home learning

Children are encouraged to be independent with their learning at home. 


Every week, they will bring home spelling on a Monday, in preparation for the test on Friday.


Every half term, the children are tested on their Times Tables, so it's important to keep practising these. 


All children bring home a Home reader book, which can be changed on a Thursday if they have finished the book. There is a choice of books in our classroom, or you could visit the local library for a vast choice. 


There is a lot of our classwork that is completed on Google classroom, which can be accessed from home. The children can always use this site to edit and improve their work, or add any extra details that they have discovered through independent learning. 


As I mentioned on our class main page, Maths is my passion. I believe that so many other skills are improved and enhanced through the use of Maths, and is one of the biggest life skills we can pass onto our children. 

At home, try and incorprate Maths talk into daily life - whether when shopping (comparing or adding the cost of items), baking (measuring, weighing, timing) or mearsuring (time, distance).