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Year 2 - Mr Brown

My name is Mr Brown and I am one of the Year 2 teachers at Crindau Primary School.

I have been teaching for 20 years and have taught in every year group from Nursery to Year 6.

I enjoy playing 5-a-side football, when I'm not injured! I also enjoy watching football; I support Swansea City. 

I also like to cook and, even more so, eat nice meals!


Mrs Parker is the teaching assistant in our class and Mr Owen is in the class one morning a week.


In Year 2 we like to have fun whilst we learn! We aim to continue your children's journey into becoming ambitious capable learners; enterprising, creative contributors; ethical, informed citizens and healthy, confident individuals.


We do PE each week, so please ensure your child wears PE kit to school every Thursday.

Book bags are changed every Friday so please make sure book bags are in school by Friday each week. 

Pupil Voice


Each term the children have an input into what and how they learn.

During the autumn term, we will be learning all about our school and school dinners. 

What you can do at home...


  • Listen to your child read. Ask them questions about what they've just read and talk about your own experiences linked to the story. eg. Do you remember when we went to a castle? etc
  • Practise spellings weekly
  • Notice numbers in the environment. eg. talk about time- how long until dinner, prices in shops (and change given at the till), weight and volume when following a recipe, etc.
  • Practise quick fire maths questions. These are relatively simple number facts, like 3 + 5, which children need to learn by heart rather than having to take time to work them out. Other facts include addition and subtraction facts to 20, bonds to 10, doubles to 20.




In year 2, we will be learning about Crindau Primary School since the year 2000. We will also be looking at school dinners and healthy eating.



Our spring term topic is 'Curiosity' with this picture as a stimulus.


Summer Term

Our topic this term is Creativity, with this picture as a stimulus.

Phonics - here are the sounds that we learn in order to segment (break words into sounds) when spelling and blend (push sounds together) when reading. In year 2 we look at all of these sounds.

Spellings - each week your child will practise the spellings for their group. Playing spelling games like flashcard snap/pairs or Hangman type games can help them learn to spell these words. Even writing them at the start of the week and placing them somewhere to be seen regularly can help. The common exception words list is a list of spelling words that we will learn throughout the year. Once these spellings are learnt there's the Year 3 and 4 list to look at!