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Crindau Primary School

Hand in Hand we Inspire and Celebrate Success

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Our class ethos

Hand in hand we Inspire and Celebrate Success

Our class ethos,  very much echoes the school ethos, or working together. 

Every child in my class is treated fairly and with respect, and that is expected also from the children - to every adult in the school, but as equally important, to each and every child in the school.  

Our class is very much like a family, and it works best when we all work together.  For all children to feel safe and happy, which will help provide the best environment to promote learning and understanding.  

Together as a class, we devised a set of ‘Promises’ to each other.  This has become our Class Charter. Please view it below and chat to your children about it - what they mean, and how we use them daily. 

Our Class Charter