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Information for families


If your child is absent from school, you must phone school as soon as possible that morning to inform us of the reason unless it is a holiday or medical appointment that we have previously been told about. If your child is not in school and we have not been contacted you will receive a phone call asking why your child is not in school. This ensures that your child is safe.



It is disruptive to both your child and the class if pupils arrive late to school so every effort must be made to arrive before the doors close at 9:00am. If your child is late then they should be brought to Reception and signed in on the electronic system, giving a reason for their lateness. Persistent lateness will follow the same steps as persistent absenteeism.


Holidays in Term Time

Wherever possible we would encourage families to take holidays outside of term time. If this is not possible then a holiday form should be completed. We will not authorise holidays for pupils with less than 95% attendance or for more than a total of 10 days every academic year.


Attendance rewards

At Crindau Primary we recognise the importance of excellent attendance. Every half term, pupils with 98% - 100% attendance for that half term receive an attendance certificate. This can be used towards achieving a medal of excellence.