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Year 3/4 Mrs Matheson




Welcome to Year 3/4!  

Croeso Blwyddyn 3/4!

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Year 3/4.  This class page will provide the information you need for our class this year.



Your class teacher is Mrs Matheson,


A little about me....

I love being a part of your children's learning journey and watch them grow in their understanding and knowledge. I have been teaching in Crindau Primary for 3 years and have taught children across the school from the younger years to year 6. I love to be creative and I am passionate about the sea! I am looking forward to a brilliant year with your fabulous children.


If you need anything or wish to chat with me please do not hesitate to get in touch on the gate, or via email. I will be sending my email address out on schoop.


Mrs Matheson




Our PE days will usually be on a Thursday. Please make sure your child comes to school in their PE kit on Thursdays. Please make sure they have footwear suitable for inside and outside use. Any additional PE days or changes will be sent out on schoop.

Class Dojo

Your child can earn DoJo points for lots of things in class. 

The children have chosen their own class rules and can earn DoJo points for 

showing good behaviour, staying on task, speaking Welsh and many other good things. The children will make their own class charter so watch this space to see the rules that Class 3/4 make this year. 



The children will be working on new spellings every week in class.  They will also be working their way through the statutory word lists for years 3 and 4. If you wish to practise spellings at home please use the lists below.


Weekly Spellings to learn.


Your child will know which list they are working on. Please see below for the lists.




Children will be given a school book to take home every Friday.  If your child has a book bag at home please can they bring it to school.

Please ensure your children bring in their book bags and return their books by Wednesday. If your child is enjoying the book and it takes more than a week to read it please keep it for longer.  Enjoy reading at home with your child.




Times tables


In year 3 we learn the x2, x5, x10, x3 and x4 tables. 

In year 4 we also learn the x6 table

To start with we will focus on our x10 tables.

Your child will earn stars for learning their tables. 


              Your child can earn a bronze star by saying their tables in order. E.g. 1 x 2 = 2, 2 x 2 = 4, 3 x 2 = 6

              Your child can earn a silver star for saying the answer to a given table. E.g. 3 x 2 = ?, 7 x 2 = ? 

              Your child can earn a gold star for being able to say the sum when they are given the answer.     


They can use the following website to practise their times tables.

Our topics this year

We are excited to see what direction we decide to take our learning in.

Autumn Term                              Spring Term                          Summer Term


                Crindau Primary School                                      Curiousity                                                          



Crindau Primary School




At home you can..


If you/ a friend or a family member went to Crindau in the past talk about what school was like then. Do you have any old photo's of the school?




At home you can..

Find out fascinating facts about space to share with the class. Look online to find out more about Pluto the dwarf planet. Can you find any information about explorations to Mars?!

Pupil Voice

This term your children have chosen to learn about...

Autumn Term - Crindau Primary School 1950-1999:

The children were surprised to find out about school life in the 1950's. They were surprised by the rules and routines of the 1950's. They were interested to discover new toys were rare and many families made their own. They would like to find out more about how toys were made in 1950. 




Spring Term -Curiousity

The children are excited to be learning more about space and several of them have some fascinating facts to share already. We enjoyed a visit from an Astro Physicist  They are keen to find out lots more about space and the planets in our solar system. They want to discover more about... what planets are made of and why we need an atmosphere and what the purpose of the sun and light is.



Summer Term- 




Have a look at some of the things we have been up to in 3/4M 

We wrote space stories and had a great time reading them to children in Nursery and Reception.

We had lots of fun learning about toys that were played with in the 1950's.

We visited Malpas Church to learn about the meaning of Christmas