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Year 3 - Mrs Richards and Mrs Brown

Croeso i BlywddenTri!

Welcome to Year 3!

Our School

Written by Class 3RB


Our school is amazing.  The teachers are kind.  In our playground there are trees as tall as skyscrapers.  The slide is as slippery as ice.  The school is as big as an elephant.  There are beautiful, bright plants in our planters.  The flowers are pink, yellow and orange.  The monkey bars are as high as a giraffe's head and we have a crazy climbing wall that is fun to climb.

Welcome to Year 3's Class Page. 

Here you will find all of the information you will need to know about what your child is learning in school!


A bit about the class Teachers


Mrs Richards


Hello! I have taught at Crindau Primary School for the last 17 years and in this time I have taught all year groups from Nursery- Year 4. Year 3 is a great year group to work in, their enthusiasm for learning is infectious and we  are so proud of them already and can't wait to see all their progress and achievements as the year continues. I love outdoor learning, being creative and am passionate about the well-being of the children. We try to lead from their interests and incorpoate all these elements into their learning to make it relevant and purposeful to them and their lives. I teach your children Monday all day, Tuesday all day and Wednesday morning. It is a privilege to teach your children and they make everyday fun and exciting. smiley


Mrs Brown

Hello! I have taught in all year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 for the last 15 years.  It goes without saying that the best part about my job is working with children.  They are the heart and soul of everything we do in our class.  I am passionate about travelling and playing hockey and strive to bring the real world into the classroom.  I love the enthusiasm of Year 3 children - there is never a dull moment.  I teach your children on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday all day and Friday all day. I absolutely love teaching and see it as a job from the heart.  






Children will have new spellings every week.  Please practise the spelling pattern at home with them. We will complete activities in class to help them learn the pattern and put the words into their work.

Below are the spelling lists for the term.



In addition to the weekly spelling lists, pupils will need to know their high frequency words, common exception words and statutory words for year 3. 

Use the lists below to learn these together at home. 

Maths and Numeracy

We are committed to making learning as fun as possible for children in our class.  We use different real life contexts such as money, party planning and measuring to engage children and to help them understand some tricky maths concepts.


Parents: What you can do at home with your children

Talk about maths in every day situations e.g. cook or bake with your children and help them measure the ingredients accurately.  Measure different objects in your home.  Time each other running or walking a certain distance in seconds and minutes.  Make it fun by letting them time how long it takes you to find a certain item in your home.  Or measure each others' heights.

When in a shop encourage children to add the total of two items and calculate the change (with your help).

Teach your children to tell the time on analogue as well as digital clocks.  Change the time from 12 to 24 hour clock.



Times tables: practise every day!



In year 3 we focus on the x2, x5, x10, x3 and x4 tables. 


Your child will earn stars for learning their tables. 


              Your child can earn a bronze star by knowing their 2x 5x 10x tables fluently

              Your child can earn a silver star by knowing their 3x 4x and 6x tables fluently

              Your child can earn a gold star by knowing their 7x 8x and 9x tables fluently     

The more you practice the better!  Sing it, Shout it, whisper it, dance it! Whatever it takes.



Class Dojo

We award dojo points on a daily basis for good behaviour and being kind and respectful to others. 

The children have chosen their own dojo icon and enjoy collecting dojo points with the hope of being awarded the weekly dojo champion.   

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